Top Points to Consider When Selecting the Best Senior Living Facilities :

Still wondering what to ask and what to look for when you visit a senior living facility where you might want to live? Consider the following points:

  1. Ambiance:
    How is the atmosphere in the facility? Do the residents and staff seem happy? Do the halls and public rooms exude a cheerful vibe? Does it feel like home?
  2. Staffing Patterns:
    How are staff scheduled? Are there more staff members working during busy times, such as during the middle of the day?
  3. Staff Members:
    Do you have an opportunity to talk with a couple of staff members? Are they pleasant and competent
  4. Other Residents:
    What do the residents have to say about the facility? Do they seem like people you’d enjoy living with?
  5. Food:
    Do you have a chance to eat in the dining room? How was the food? How many meals and snacks are available during the day?
  6. Handling Health Problems:
    Is there a doctor in-house or on-call? Where is the nearest acute care facility? How are health problems handled at the facility?
  7. The Best Quality Commitment:
    How does the facility commit to top quality of care?
  8. Understanding and Helping:
    What services are available at the facility?
  9. Are there mind and body activities?
    Does the facility offer a diverse array of activities? Do they have activities and events that you think you’d be interested in?
  10. Does it feel like home?
    Would I, or my loved one, feel like this facility can be their home?